Friday, March 9, 2012

Do male skunks always have to be with a female, or can they be cute on their own? These are the things I think about..... I need to get out more.

Initially I started this skunk as a stand alone feltie...but because his arms are held out, I think he needs something in them....perhaps a flower! Then I began to consider that perhaps he needed a partner to put his arms around...
Notice that blue in his eyes....I'm LOVING that blue green roving I recently acquired from "indigocranefiber" on Etsy.  At first I was hesitant to purchase 3 full ounces of it because I wasn't completely sure it wouldn't be too soft to needle felt with (some wool is "rougher" and therefore easier to work with when it comes to tangling the fibers.  But it works just fine and I love it.  If you are interested in finding roving in nice colors that you might not find elsewhere, then check out the shop: Prices are fair and service is great.
                                                                                            Isn't it Bee-UU-TEE-ful?
But back to the skunk.
Everytime I think of this skunk having a mate, Pepe'LePew comes to mind:
And I remember how it used to bother me, watching him maul the cat who sooooo did NOT want his attentions. (When someone puts their feet on your stomach and pushes as hard as they can against you, that's a sign...) It was very uncomfortable, and he was not my fave character. I found it especially weird that when the cat would, in some episodes, be the aggressor, (love potion?) suddenly Pepe' couldn't handle it.
Anyway, in searching for images of Pepe'....I came across these funny ones:

Maybe I'll just give my skunk a flower to hold on to....