Friday, November 23, 2012

Vintage Finds from the Other Day...

I was on my way to a favorite local home decor and craft store in Salylorsburg, PA called Mountain House Country Store last weekend. As I took the exit off the highway, I realized the flea market was still going on! I thought it was over for the year since it was November, but there were people and tables there! So I excitedly pulled in, actually happy that it was smaller than usual. It can be so tedious and draining after awhile when they (flea markets) are too big. I am one of those people that have to look at every little thing so it takes alot out of me. lol
Anyway, the first group of tables USED to be one of my faves, because they have so much stuff and the lady was so friendly. The stuff is really just junk, not antiques or anything, and the lady wasn't worried about what she made from it, so she wasn't out to gouge anyone. But some guy started showing up, standing next to her and getting involved with pricing, like some kind of guard dog. Then, the lady wasn't there anymore, just the guard dog.
Now the guard dog man is running the show, and he's not very friendly. Kinda gruff. No problem, whatever. I can handle gruff. But he always wants more than what I think it's worth. And I don't like to haggle with him because he just says no.
SO for $4.oo I get this:
Now, when I went up to him to find out how much it was gonna be, I was thinking in my head "$3.00." So when he said "$4.00" I just said "okay."
But then I was thinking later that I got 8 items, so that worked out to be $0.50 a piece, so that was pretty good, I guess.

See this little chicken crate?
There's another chicken inside!

(It doesn't take much to make me happy.)

Then I came across a few other items at some other tables:
This lamb is inspiration for a needle felted lamb I'd like to do...
Thought this would be cool for the craft room. It looks rusty on the outside, but the inside turns soooooo nice.
And then, there were these:
And this!
Don't know what's written on the box for this little lady...but isn't she cool!?
But the find of the day was the snail teapot. I really liked it, but the guy wanted $7.00. And I'm like "Do I really need this? Another item on a shelf?"
(I only go through this inner dialogue when the item is bigger than my hand, and more than $1.00. It's not because I'm cheap, it's because I am a borderline HOARDER and I have to at least pretend to myself that I have some sort of control.)
But he was cute and I wanted it.
Now, this photo isn't my photo, but this is the exact same teapot. I found out on the internet that it was a line of kitchenware from Enesco. "Snappy Snail." He looks cute in my kitchen. :)
Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Think I'm FINALLY Getting There!

I'm always trying to find just the right BLUEBIRD FACE. I've needle felted quite a few of these birdies, as they seem to be the most popular item in my Etsy store.
Like I posted in my last entry, I try different things in the
"Search For The Perfect Expression."
Different head shapes, different eyes, different eye-to-head ratio...always in search of what would satisfy my inner muse.


I finally got my paws on a Re-Ment box from the "Fairy Tale Tableware" collection that contained a tiny bluebird, much like the Lefton Bluebirds that I aspire to recreate (with my own flair, of course. Don't want to FLAT OUT copy!)
For those unfamiliar with RE-MENT, it's a great source of miniature stuff. I really can't accurately describe what Re-Ment is without going off on a "tangent," so you should check them out if you are curious:
(Oh, and don't bother going to Chinatown in NYC and looking for any Re-Ment like I's a JAPANESE company. Woopsie!)
So this is the bird I received when I got the Re-Ment box from Ebay:
Are you still with me? I'm almost done!
So this teeny tiny birdie got me
excited and I put aside my other
projects momentarily to try a crack 
at it once again. I needle felted a
bird late last night and was just
getting giddier and happier with
each poke!

Here is THE FACE! 


(My hubby says it looks chubby.)
Now, I understand others may not even see any difference, and that's okay. I don't expect anyone to understand what I'm babbling about anyway! But I was excited, and thought I would share it on the Ol' Blog. Perhaps other crafters, artists, BoneSmiths, and Creatives that also struggle with their own nit-picky-ness may come upon this and know