Saturday, November 9, 2013


Hey Friends! I'm so excited I just have to share! :)
Remember the poodles I just posted about?
Well, for those of you who don't hang on my every post, (ha!) I received an order for 10 big poodles (5 pink, 5 white) that would be in centerpieces for a baby's 1st birthday party.

Oodles of Snooty Poodles
Oodles of Snooty Poodles

Soooo, anyway, I misjudged the amount of pink wool roving I would need to complete the 5 pink poodles.  I had to place an "emergency order" for "CUPCAKE" colored roving. I called the very nice folks at LIVING FELT and they helped me out with my

Pink Poodle Predicament!

I received my pink roving in time to complete the order, and it all worked out!!! YAY!

So I posted pics of the final product on Living Felt's Facebook page, to let them know how they helped me out. By posting pictures on their page, I was automatically entered in a drawing for a gift certificate to Living Felt's awesome online store, a wonderful place full of what fellow felters covet: beautifully colored FUZZ (aka wool roving) and all the tools of the trade.



Please check out LIVING FELT

and like their facebook page too! 

Living Felt

Monday, November 4, 2013

Poodle Party!

I just finished a special order requested by a party planner. Her client was having a 1st birthday party, and the party had a Paris theme.
The request was for ten of my poodles. When I found out they were for the centerpieces, I asked if she wanted them bigger than my normal 5 to 6 inch tall poodles. She said yes, and so began my first venture into SUPER SIZED needle felted creations!
Snooty PoodleIMG_7081IMG_7086I have to say, it was a learning experience! Although not too different as far as technique, planning just how much wool I needed was the hard part. 
The order was for 5 pink and 5 white poodles, with lavender ribbons tied into bows on their ears.
Snooty attitude was standard.
I had about 2 and a half weeks to complete them all, and Halloween (my fave holiday second to Christmas) was in that time period too. But I managed it, and feel confident I provided my customer with my very best effort.
She was kind enough to send pictures....the first one is their arrival to her house:
This second picture is of the actual completed centerpiece. Her client was happy, and so was the party planner. It was a fun experience!
photo (12)
I may try to go large with my deer as well, since the holidays are now upon us. And by that I mean the carols are already playing in some stores, and the commercials have begun. This is the time of year that I use the MUTE button on my remote control OFTEN.
Hope this finds you all well!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Go to sleep now, little children...or the Icicle Man will getcha!
I love the faces on these...the "coolest guys" around! Check out these auctions on Ebay!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sharing Makes the World Go 'Round!

Hello Friends! I just decided I'm going to start sharing shops on Etsy that I think are pretty swell. Why not, right? 
Just came across this artist from the feed of people that I follow on Etsy....someone had "hearted" something in this shop and I decided to check things out. Just in time for the Halloween season, if you visit this shop it will be like visiting a haunted house...all in the comfort and safety of your armchair. :) Enjoy!
Just Listen - 8 X 8 fine-art photographic print
Nothing Ever Happens Here - 8 X 11 haunting photograph of three adolescent ghost girls looking frighteningly bored
I love the titles of her work, too! Check her out!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oh Deer! I Haven't Been Blogging Enough!

Hi Everybody! Hope this latest entry finds you all well. It's been a busy summer, and I'm afraid I haven't been making too many entries on this online journal...but I'm still here, and still crafting on. Here's my very latest creation....





Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I am a BoneSmith.

I'm back at it! I have all my tools OUT...and I'm having fun devising a ball and jointed head/neck and a movable jaw! I forgot how fun this Bonesmithing is! :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Check out this great Book Swapping Site! (and I'm still here!)

I haven't posted anything in awhile. It's certainly not for lack of something to post....just a lack of time.
Anyway, didn't want anyone to get the impression that I have abandoned my blog, so I thought of sharing a great website as a quick way to check in and say "Hello! I'm still here!"
If you love to read (like I do!) and have tons of books that you know you won't probably read again (because of all the other books you want to read) then you will probably want to check out this website:

Basically, it's just like it sounds. You swap books with other people. If someone requests one of your books, you pay to ship it to that person. Then you get the credit, which you can use for a book YOU want from someone else. They now have to pay the shipping cost to get that book to you. It's especially great if there's a book that you can't find at the library... or maybe it's no longer available new, or it isn't available for kindle yet.
I've had great luck with the site and am happy to see a nice and easy set-up for people to exchange books!
Hope this post finds you all well. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Okaaayyyy.....Should I Be Nervous?

IMG_3813IMG_3816IMG_3811IMG_3812Saw these on my bike ride today....
Weren't there yesterday.
Hung with bungee cords.
On a paved, somewhat well-traveled road.
Right before a P for parking spot. (why the parking lot is there, I don't know. Seems like an odd, obscure spot.)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dare I say it? Spring is HERE!

It was so nice and warm today! I want to pack away (and throw some away) my winter clothes and be done with the cold! It may get up to 79 on Wednesday! How exciting!
This is a bunny I made before Easter but only today did I add the hat and flower pot. I really like the way it turned out! :)

I hope everybody has a wonderful week!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Black he eye-balling me?


Outside the window this morning I saw the Black Squirrel again! Always happy to see the little guy...glad he decided to stick around.Black Squirrels

Black Squirrel cute
Black Squirrel

Crazy looking eyes, though...

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions...

So along with the usual resolutions like losing weight and trying to become a better human, etc., etc.... I also threw in a couple of new ones.
I want to cut down on the PROCRASTINATING.
And I want to explore New York City at least once every month in 2013.
So it was Wednesday, January 30th....and I knew I couldn't go anywhere on Thursday because I had a dentist appointment smack dab in the middle of the day.....and I realized that if I didn't go in to The City that day I was going to break both of my resolutions in one "fell swoop." I had procrastinated going in to NYC until the last available day in the first month of the new year.  (Although in my defense, the weather was pretty sucky for 80% of January.)
So it was supposed to be close to 70 degrees on this day, which made it extremely foggy. I figured taking the bus might be a good idea so I wouldn't have to drive in the fog. But I didn't give myself enough time (the fog was thick for the four miles down the mountain, but was gone when I got to "town.") I got to the bus station just in time to see the driver throw his cigarette butt on the ground, climb in, and drive away.
I wasn't going to let that stop me though...I had already decided that if I missed the bus I was going to drive myself. The fog was not a problem. I'd get there quicker than the bus anyway, parking's cheaper than the round trip fair, and I could come and go by my own schedule.
I got a late start so I was only actually in the city for about 4 to 5 hours, but I DID IT! And that's the most important thing, I think. I explored some of what's called the Garment District in Manhattan. I parked around 30th and 8th, stopped in to the first Irish pub to grab a bite and a pint, (Molly Wee Pub) and just walked around exploring.
IMG_1269I ducked into what looked like a "bargain bin" type store and bought some junk. They had this bin full of bright neon colored t-shirts and they were...get this....2 FOR A DOLLAR! lol So I bought two to wear on my bike rides. (I like to wear bright colors so cars can see me.)
Here's a pic I snapped from outside the store of people digging through said bin:
IMG_1262I don't know if it was because it was relatively slow in some of the stores, or if I just look like some crazy lady, but I felt uncomfortable in a lot of the stores that I popped in to. There were usually more employees than customers...and they would loom around and watch EVERY SINGLE MOVE I MADE. And speak in another language. I realize shoplifting must be a problem, but C'MON!
Because of the pressure I felt, I bought a stupid t-shirt for 20 bucks and it doesn't fit. I usually don't buckle for that...and I did like the shirt. I just HATE that it doesn't fit. So yes, that's what makes it stupid. :)
The United States Post Office is a pretty magnificent that might rival any one of the HUNDREDS of beautiful structures in Rome...
Of course, my picture doesn't do it justice....
It wasn't 70 degrees, but I was more than comfortable in my fleece jacket. The rain held off too, so it was really perfect for walking around. I wished I had come across a park because I really just wanted a moment to relax without people so close. Too much of that staring can wear a girl out. Even the crazy guy talking to himself kept looking at me! And no, I didn't look out of the ordinary. Pretty "non-descript" in my make-up, no long hair flowing, no bright colors....
I don't know. I just don't know.
Madison Square Garden/Penn Station
Madison Square Garden/Penn Station
Subway entrance near the USPO
Subway entrance near the USPO

Cute Sushi Sign!
Cute Sushi Sign!

My Dad's name was Joe :)

My hubby called and said he was staying in Yonkers, and would I like to meet him and hit a couple of Irish pubs with him that night. I said sure and when should I head that way? He said Now! :)
Well, Now turned out to be RUSH HOUR. But did that deter me? Nope. I even snapped a couple at some of the lights...
Honk Honk Beep Beep
Honk Honk Beep Beep
Through the sunroof...
Through the sunroof...

My husband (Mr. Manhattan himself) said I wasted the day, going to a crappy section of town and basically not seeing anything of worth. "You want to go shoppin'? I'll take you in to the city and show you some SHOPPIN'!"  
I explained that "shoppin'" was not my goal. Exploring and getting to know NYC was my goal. Even the not so shiny parts.
Ended the evening with one of the most beeeuuuuteeeful pints of Guinness at Dunne's Pub in White Plains, NY.  Great burgers too. :) AND great ghost stories.
A Perfect Pint.
A Perfect Pint.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm "Published!" :)

Hey Everybody! LOOKY! LOOKY!  The wonderful publication Art Doll Quarterly was kind enough to once again include my work in their Show and Tell section!