Monday, November 4, 2013

Poodle Party!

I just finished a special order requested by a party planner. Her client was having a 1st birthday party, and the party had a Paris theme.
The request was for ten of my poodles. When I found out they were for the centerpieces, I asked if she wanted them bigger than my normal 5 to 6 inch tall poodles. She said yes, and so began my first venture into SUPER SIZED needle felted creations!
Snooty PoodleIMG_7081IMG_7086I have to say, it was a learning experience! Although not too different as far as technique, planning just how much wool I needed was the hard part. 
The order was for 5 pink and 5 white poodles, with lavender ribbons tied into bows on their ears.
Snooty attitude was standard.
I had about 2 and a half weeks to complete them all, and Halloween (my fave holiday second to Christmas) was in that time period too. But I managed it, and feel confident I provided my customer with my very best effort.
She was kind enough to send pictures....the first one is their arrival to her house:
This second picture is of the actual completed centerpiece. Her client was happy, and so was the party planner. It was a fun experience!
photo (12)
I may try to go large with my deer as well, since the holidays are now upon us. And by that I mean the carols are already playing in some stores, and the commercials have begun. This is the time of year that I use the MUTE button on my remote control OFTEN.
Hope this finds you all well!

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