Friday, December 16, 2011


I have to say, I'm blown away by the amazing resource I stumbled upon just now...
To promote printing, Canon has come up with an fantastic supply of beautiful files that can be printed and made into cool creations. Here are just a sample of the quality and originality that is available.....FOR FREE!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free Steampunk Clip Art from Dover Publications

Every week I get an automatic email of sample clip art from Dover, the great publishing company with all the cool books of images, artwork, paper dolls, and soooo much more!  I just have to share this week's awesome sample  from the "Steampunk Sourcebook", a new publication.  This link will bring you to their homepage, where you can get on their email list. Take it from's one email you won't regret signing up for.  (I sound like I work for them! But I don't....I just like their stuff.
Steampunk Hot Air Ballon

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Experience vs. Exposure....wouldn't it be great if they grew at the same rate? :)

I changed the way I do my bluebirds just slightly, and I'm liking them more...
I've made their heads BIGGER, because as everyone knows, bigger = CUTER!
Vintage Style Bluebirds in my Etsy shop: Melanie's Menagerie
Going against this logic though, I made the eyes smaller...but it seems to work!

Also, I'm pretty proud of my deer: (if I do say so myself!)

Now, if I could just get better at taking pictures!!! Grrrr
I feel like I'm getting better at needle felting. As my confidence grows, I feel more confident about raising the prices of my creations (just a little.) I have to say, money is not my main goal, but I compare my animals to others that are for sale on Etsy, and others are way way way higher (for the most part.)  And I look at other stores' # of sales and think "Geez, SOMEone out there is paying those high prices....why couldn't I get a little more for mine?"  Maybe people look at mine and think "She's so much cheaper.... I wonder why?"
I guess most crafters go through this line of thinking....and I would think that at some point this transition has to happen the more experience and exposure you gain.
At this point. as my experience is growing, but not my exposure.  I have to take time out of crafting to focus on different ways to draw people in.  BUT I LOVE CRAFTING! lol  
Guess I'm just going to keep plugging along....because this is FUN! :)
Any thoughts/comments are always appreciated!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My latest Etsy addition...

3 of the Coolest Birdies Around
I've had one of my best months on Etsy and have met some great fellow artists/crafters online! It's so exciting for me when I hear the noise on my phone that lets me know I've made a sale!
I've been working on a slightly new look for my bluebirds...but in the meantime I made these little robin-type birds all bundled up for winter!
I painted their little claws with metallic gold paint...wasn't sure what color would be best, but I like the way the gold turned out.
Everybody have their holiday shopping done? I haven't even started! lol....I'm having too much fun crafting!
Happy Crafting!