Friday, June 28, 2013

Check out this great Book Swapping Site! (and I'm still here!)

I haven't posted anything in awhile. It's certainly not for lack of something to post....just a lack of time.
Anyway, didn't want anyone to get the impression that I have abandoned my blog, so I thought of sharing a great website as a quick way to check in and say "Hello! I'm still here!"
If you love to read (like I do!) and have tons of books that you know you won't probably read again (because of all the other books you want to read) then you will probably want to check out this website:

Basically, it's just like it sounds. You swap books with other people. If someone requests one of your books, you pay to ship it to that person. Then you get the credit, which you can use for a book YOU want from someone else. They now have to pay the shipping cost to get that book to you. It's especially great if there's a book that you can't find at the library... or maybe it's no longer available new, or it isn't available for kindle yet.
I've had great luck with the site and am happy to see a nice and easy set-up for people to exchange books!
Hope this post finds you all well. Have a wonderful weekend! :)