Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Experience vs. Exposure....wouldn't it be great if they grew at the same rate? :)

I changed the way I do my bluebirds just slightly, and I'm liking them more...
I've made their heads BIGGER, because as everyone knows, bigger = CUTER!
Vintage Style Bluebirds in my Etsy shop: Melanie's Menagerie
Going against this logic though, I made the eyes smaller...but it seems to work!

Also, I'm pretty proud of my deer: (if I do say so myself!)

Now, if I could just get better at taking pictures!!! Grrrr
I feel like I'm getting better at needle felting. As my confidence grows, I feel more confident about raising the prices of my creations (just a little.) I have to say, money is not my main goal, but I compare my animals to others that are for sale on Etsy, and others are way way way higher (for the most part.)  And I look at other stores' # of sales and think "Geez, SOMEone out there is paying those high prices....why couldn't I get a little more for mine?"  Maybe people look at mine and think "She's so much cheaper.... I wonder why?"
I guess most crafters go through this line of thinking....and I would think that at some point this transition has to happen the more experience and exposure you gain.
At this point. as my experience is growing, but not my exposure.  I have to take time out of crafting to focus on different ways to draw people in.  BUT I LOVE CRAFTING! lol  
Guess I'm just going to keep plugging along....because this is FUN! :)
Any thoughts/comments are always appreciated!


  1. Your creations are gorgeous Melanie!!
    Vicky xx

  2. Melanie - the comments intended for this post got posted on the robins post...not sure how I did that. I am teaching myself to sculpt w/ paper clay. I love doing the retro bluebirds ... yours are spot on! Thx, L

  3. Your little felted animals are great, especially the little deer! They would be great for a picture book :>)