Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My latest Etsy addition...

3 of the Coolest Birdies Around
I've had one of my best months on Etsy and have met some great fellow artists/crafters online! It's so exciting for me when I hear the noise on my phone that lets me know I've made a sale!
I've been working on a slightly new look for my bluebirds...but in the meantime I made these little robin-type birds all bundled up for winter!
I painted their little claws with metallic gold paint...wasn't sure what color would be best, but I like the way the gold turned out.
Everybody have their holiday shopping done? I haven't even started! lol....I'm having too much fun crafting!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi Melanie...they are absolutely gorgeous!!!...love all of your creations!...xoxo...Chris

  2. Melanie - Oh My Gosh these are adorable... wish the doe was available ... love that face! You are doing a great job. If you are looking for exposure, it helps to join linky parties! Just a thought. Blessings, L