Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Think I'm FINALLY Getting There!

I'm always trying to find just the right BLUEBIRD FACE. I've needle felted quite a few of these birdies, as they seem to be the most popular item in my Etsy store.
Like I posted in my last entry, I try different things in the
"Search For The Perfect Expression."
Different head shapes, different eyes, different eye-to-head ratio...always in search of what would satisfy my inner muse.


I finally got my paws on a Re-Ment box from the "Fairy Tale Tableware" collection that contained a tiny bluebird, much like the Lefton Bluebirds that I aspire to recreate (with my own flair, of course. Don't want to FLAT OUT copy!)
For those unfamiliar with RE-MENT, it's a great source of miniature stuff. I really can't accurately describe what Re-Ment is without going off on a "tangent," so you should check them out if you are curious:
(Oh, and don't bother going to Chinatown in NYC and looking for any Re-Ment like I's a JAPANESE company. Woopsie!)
So this is the bird I received when I got the Re-Ment box from Ebay:
Are you still with me? I'm almost done!
So this teeny tiny birdie got me
excited and I put aside my other
projects momentarily to try a crack 
at it once again. I needle felted a
bird late last night and was just
getting giddier and happier with
each poke!

Here is THE FACE! 


(My hubby says it looks chubby.)
Now, I understand others may not even see any difference, and that's okay. I don't expect anyone to understand what I'm babbling about anyway! But I was excited, and thought I would share it on the Ol' Blog. Perhaps other crafters, artists, BoneSmiths, and Creatives that also struggle with their own nit-picky-ness may come upon this and know

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