Sunday, September 2, 2012

No Sprinkles!?

On my bike ride, I often take a trail that brings me by a campground. At this campground there is a general store and I sometimes buy an extra Gatorade there. Anyway, they also serve ice cream, and I noticed this addition to the menu, via a piece of paper stuck to the window with tape...
And I started thinking...."I didn't want any.....UNTIL YOU BROUGHT IT UP!"
So, a couple of days later I was taking a break under some trees and a couple walked over from a house on the campground property (I assumed they were the owners/managers) and the woman asked the man "Can I get you anything? A bowl of ice cream or something?"
and he grumbled "I want sprinkles." He started walking away towards a different destination and she kept walking over to the store.
She then yelled over to him "We don't have any. AND I'M NOT GETTING ANYMORE."
Sprinkles be causing some problems...

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