Saturday, May 19, 2012

I think they were meant to be together...

It was during the week when I found her....a puppet hanging behind the counter at a thrift shop. The store was having a $5.00 Bag Sale, which meant all you could fit in the bag would only cost $5.00.
So when I saw her hanging there, it was almost an afterthought to include her with the other items in the bag. No extra cost involved since the bag wasn't completely full anyway.
I'm not a collector of all. I do like marionettes, but they've always been animals. But people puppets...they usually creep me out.
But this one was kinda cute.....and I thought maybe I could transform her into a Day of The Dead skull headed puppet, since she's got that Día de los Muertos vibe going on already...
So of course she was added to the pile of other STUFF I have accumulated, another project to work on sometime.
That weekend I went to a flea market (in a different town) and there was a lady that had 3 old marionettes....a jester, another that I can't remember, and this one that I purchased:
I think I paid $3 for it. The lady said that was "a good deal" and that the puppet was pretty old. I'm thinking since it has that "alfalfa" type face that it must have been made awhile ago...but I really have no idea.
It wasn't until I got him home and put him with the first puppet that I realized how strange it was that I came across these two similar puppets from two different towns in a matter of a few days.
Then I noticed how well they looked together...
Strange....but then again, puppets can be that way.

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