Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Different Take on the Bluebird of Happiness

So I've made lots of bluebirds for my Etsy store in the last year and a half....they seem to be the most popular needle felted creations in my shop, and each one looks different and unique. But I thought I would attempt a more traditional looking bird while still holding on to the vintage look and feel.
ImageThis one turned out the perfect size for nesting in my hand. You know what they say....
"A bird in hand is a dirty hand."
Okay, that's not exactly how it goes...

ImageImageImageI do like how this one turned out... but I guess I'm partial to the more vintage Lefton style ones I make.
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Melanie - You are so talented! I can't even visualize how needle felting works... it's seems like magic! Your creations are so adorable... I am asking for one of your b-birds for Christmas and I HAVE to have one of your little doe. Thanks for checking in and know that I'll be back! Blessings, L

    1. You are so nice, Linda! And your creations are so magical and glittery, I love your taste in color and design. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. What a lovely blue bird!! I may have to do a little shopping for myself...Mother's Day is coming up!!