Saturday, April 28, 2012

Otter Lake has PEACOCKS!

Now, I realize that perhaps as you read the title of this post, you're thinking "Should I know Otter Lake?" And no, I do not expect anyone to know about this campground near my home. I'm just sharing this beautiful scene I got to gaze upon. This was near the last leg of my (14 mile?) bike ride.  It was a fine evening in the mountains of the Poconos.
And I happen to know there is a Peacock Pen at the edge of the lake! I went up and snapped some quick shots:

I would imagine these are the Ladies...

So then I decided to move on down to the actual pen itself.....

John had mentioned to me that he had stopped and looked in on the Peacocks, and that "Oh yeah, they are in full plummaging, this time of year..." 
So cute, in his New Yawk accent and all... ;)
When I first see him, the Big Daddy of the Pen, I mean..... I must's almost scary....

The first time I ever saw a peacock, it was when we first moved here. One night (after everyone else is asleep, of course) I noticed something out in the dark when I glanced out the kitchen window in passing. There was this huge MASS of LIVING SOMETHING and it was sitting on the railing of our back deck. It took me a minute or two to figure out what the heck it was. It's not an easily recognizable creature in the dark. Turns out, our new neighbors owned a peacock, and it had come over to perch. When it swooped down off the railing down the hill towards its' home, it was such a beautiful sight! 
So anyway, I don't know what it is, but the sight of them with those heavy long tails...  At first glance, they appear huge!
And of course, he's STARING right at me.
"Quoth the Peacock"
But they are fantastic, aren't they? Also, they have a really odd call. Kind of hard to describe. It's almost like they "hollar" the sound of a shrew of a wife hollarin' across the yard.
Peacocks are cool.