Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My new craft room....a work in progress!

I'm so excited about this....we're turning a previous walk-in closet into a CRAFT ROOM for me! All for me! John and I moved back into our home here in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, and since we've been back we've been trying to conform to the layout of the house.  We both want a space of our own, and there didn't seem to be enough space for the both of us to have separate spaces.  For some reason it didn't occur to us that the walk-in closet could be turned into a space simply by getting rid of some old clothes and moving some things around! It was funny how it just dawned on "Why didn't we think of this before?!"
So anyway, after emptying it out I ran out to Home Depot and bought some paint! I decided on a color called "Tropical Dream." Pretty cool name for a nice, calming color on the walls of a nice, calming craft room. :)


  1. A wonderful idea Melanie!!!
    The colour you have chosen is gorgeous.
    I make a terrible mess creating in my living room-LOL!!!
    Vicky xxx

  2. Melanie- I am too! In my new house I am setting up a workspace in what previously had been a walk-in closet. This will be a fraction of the size of my old studio...but I think it might work. I'm going with a cherry theme.
    I love the color you picked - excited to see your finished space!
    Blessings, L