Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A True Labor of Love

I absolutely love this doll!
Back in November I received a request to make one DEADutante doll with a long black gown holding some roses.
Thus began a journey into doll making that I didn't know I was going to embark on, but I'm so happy I did! 
Because the doll was to be taller than what I was used to creating, it changed EVERYTHING! All the little details were bigger now, and therefore more noticeable. I had to make everything BETTER.
The arms, the ribcage, and the head all had to grow....and I grew as a doll maker as well. 

I must have made 5 different heads before deciding on this one. Either the facial expression was wrong, or the size....but I think the one I settled on was the best choice.day_of_the_dead_doll_group
I also put a tiny TINY little heart inside her rib cage. That alone took me a long time to accomplish! (Working with tiny things requires a steady hand!)day_of_the_dead_doll_sides
skeleton_dollI really like her!
Please let me know what you think of my latest creation! :)

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