Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photomatic! You learn something new everyday!

 I'm an avid flea market hunter. I'm not talking about the serious person who's trying to find that valuable treasure they can turn around and make a big profit on. No. I'm simply a hunter of cool stuff. Cute stuff. Things that just stick out to me and appeal to either my inner child or the love I have of all things vintage.
Also, I'm a flea market digger. Yes, that person digging through the junk boxes that are on the ground or under the table. So I do occasionally come upon what I think is pretty neat. This item was one of those finds.
When I first saw this item, I thought it was cool because it seemed to be sturdy and thick, and I noticed it had a tin frame. I had never seen one of these type of photos before. And the soldier's eyes seemed to look right at ME. I wonder, is he woeful, or just being a stoic soldier?
So I looked online and found that it's a photobooth picture from the late 1930's to 1940's, and this is more than likely a soldier during World War 2.IMG_0087
Printed on back:
Place Taken:
Taken by the Photomatic
Reg. US Pat. Off. Pat No 1665605
Reel Co. Inc. New York City


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