Friday, February 24, 2012

20 Days Until Spring! (and a Flock of Bluebirds Has Arrived!

All week long I have taken all moments of free time to needle felt and replenish my Etsy shop with bluebirds!
My Bluebirds on Etsy: 
Then as I was browsing the craft store, I saw a package of alligator clips and thought maybe they would be good for the birds.  Not sure which way is really better, but I went with the clips on this bunch.  Which then created the need for I needle felted those.Prior to this flock, I had attached bendable wire feet that would allow the bird to perch on things.  It was a four step process to make them: first, bend wire into shape, then cover with flexible glue, add flocking and paint. It would give the feet a textured look and allow for a little movement.
So after a whole week of bluebird....

......after bluebird....

................after bluebird.....

...I feel like needle felting some other type of critter.  Perhaps a deer...or a skunk....or a bunny! :) 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. These are adorable and would look so pretty in my little girl's bluebird bedroom!

    1. Oh wow, your blog is like a little magical wonderland! I'm glad you made a comment so I could find it! :) Thank you for liking my birdies!

  2. Hi Melanie,thanks so much for your lovely comment and for finding me!I'm looking forward to having a lovely little read over at yours over a cup of tea,chat soon,hugs juliex