Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chipmunks Galore!

My husband is one of those rare guys that drags his girl to the park. I'm always glad when he does, of course, because suddenly I'm breathing in fresh air that I need. I'm also appreciative of the sounds, smells and sights that I wouldn't otherwise see sitting in my craft room or reading inside.
So we're riding our bikes through these great wooded trails, the weather is absolutely perfect, and I've got a great rhythm going. Suddenly a cute little chipmunk comes dashing across the trail right in front of my bike! 

He made it across unharmed and I smiled because I was able to see him really good and he was just a fuzzy ball of adorableness. And I thought to myself that squirrels and chipmunks seem like they have that silly tendency to tempt fate and jump out in front of something. Such a rascal!

So since Autumn has arrived and chipmunks are scattering through the leaves, I wanted to share that I came across Robin Joy Andreae's website and have been enchanted with every new realistic and whimsical addition!
I came along Robin's site and have been enchanted with each new additon!  Very realistic and whimsical too!

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